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[audio]Mikael Fyrek - I step into the advent [kahvi276]
It seems as though our very own Mikael Fyrek has a story to tell - at least, according to the track names from this, his latest ep. With 'I step into the advent', Mikael has perfected the ambient/instrumental genre once again - conveying huge amounts of feeling and emotion in every track. Each being an epic in its own right, the usual excellent use of sounds and production are apparent from the start...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 264 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Abyssal Plains - Fourth Quadrant of the Mandala [kahvi275] - rubicante
Abyssal Plains sent me an email a while back about a new album that he'd recently completed and released via digital distribution - after some tense negotiation, I can now give you a small sampler of that very album! This release sees 4 tracks from the sublime 'Fourth Quadrant of the Mandala' in the usual superb quality that we can expect from Abyssal Plains - but this time we hear Abyssal Plains crank it up a notch with some cool vibes in 'Dali Dream' (this releases track of choice for me) and ...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 362
[audio]Moodix - Moodiplication [kahvi274]
Subtle, electronic easy listening with a hint of glitch and underground is how I would define this release from Moodix. I don't know what it is about Bulgaria, but there seems to be a lot of great musicians (ESEM, DiE, Polygon Ring) appearing from that far off corner of Europe. Moodix supplied Kahvi with 7 tracks of excellent electronic vibes, starting off with the moody 3L and heading off to dreamscape realms of Le Grand Bleu...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 215
[audio]Polaski - Bendii Syndrome[kahvi273]
After some successful releases of mix on Kahvi, Polaski has followed similar DJs in turning his attentions to the creation of his own original music. What follows is his first four track ep, heavily influenced by Boards of Canada (check Loss of Grandios) and Arovane. A warm, fluid, easy listening collection of tracks, a sentimental edge with the classic off tone analogue sounds, subtle beats and addictive melodies...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 355
[audio]Yard - Swaggle Dub [kahvi272]
Its been a while since the last release from Yard. Last time we got a treat in the form of some classic styled retro techno - kind of like the missing link between early 90's techno and modern IDM. And this time we have more of the same classic styling. This four track ep is made up of what essentially could have been heard at any rave or techno club in the early 90s. Yard has perfected the replication of the style of the bygone era, and created essentially a classic tribute to this time...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; oldschool
Downloads: 169
[audio]Kilowatts - Six Silicates[kahvi270]
Kilowatts is back - after his highly successfull track featured on Robot Dreams, Kilowatts returns to Kahvi with a six track ep entitled 'six silicates'. After the pure ambiance of casimirs blake, Six Silicates turns the mood with beat driven electronica/techno, fast paced and dynamic vibes and a definite 'euphoric' theme throughout. A warm and friendly ep to welcome the summer months, listen and enjoy the sun! Track of choice: Amethyst...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 314
[audio]Reii- Drafts [kahvi271]
After his first successful release on Kahvi back at #246, Reii returns with a different mood (and style), different pace and different style entirely. I guess the best way of describing 'Drafts' is 'epic ambient'. Subtle moods and blending sounds throughout this delight in the shape of a 8 track ep, gives Reii some space to play with long drawn out passages of colour and texture. While away the hours, the tracks fading into each other, you don't even notice when the end is reached and the beginn...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; ambient
Downloads: 290
[audio]Casimirs Blake - Casimir Corona [kahvi269]
This time around we welcome a new face to the fold - Casimirs Blake. Those of you familiar with MigloJE's ambient release 'Ayesteeyah' back at #174 may hear some similarities with this ambient extravaganza from Blake. With a slight difference - we get the lush pads, swirling textures but also the recurring melodies which could be more akin to the epic releases by Global Communication such as 76:14...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 127
[audio]Das Kraftfuttermischwerk - Im Garten der Schneekugel [kahvi267]
I first ran into these guys while listening to spacemusic podcast - the style of the track was instantly addictive. After contacting them they kindly agreed to come up with a release for Kahvi Collective, and here is the result! Im Garten der Scheekugel (In the garden of the snowglobe) constists of twelve tracks of interesting and provocative tracks, simplistic beats mixed in with techno/idm influences with a slightly industrial edge...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; downtempo
Downloads: 361 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
At last, another release is due! and what better to take us out of the chillout zone than a release from Kahvi (almost) regular Aleksi Eeben. this time around, six tracks of crossover from techno-electronica to acid-jazz-laced chill. Two tracks stand out for me, the epic 'The Grand opposition' which has elements of nearly every musical genre out there to the truly sublime 'Executions of Crunch Hill' - the funk melody is one of those killer melodies that ends up embedded in your head for days...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; oldschool
Downloads: 68
Stud makes a return to Kahvi in the shape of 'Swordcore'. A curious name for what turns out to be a distinctly non-curious release by Stud. A different Stud is apparent from the previous strange-but-great releases previously featured on Kahvi. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Stud has been DJ'ing in and around Moscow these past years and as you can see, the tracks are aimed squarely at the dance end of 'IDM'...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 120
[audio]Fractal Philosophy - Ambientium [kahvi265]
Epic is the word that springs to mind when you listen to this masterpiece from ambientium. hailing from the czech republic, ambientium is a talented duo who asked if kahvi would like to put out their latest album, fractal philosophy. so, here is the end result in all its high quality, enjoyable finality. ambient beginnings with hadron era lead you into pleasing swirling textures and beat driven (solar fields styled) tracks which wouldn't be out of place in the ultimae catalogue...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 1,674
[audio]Lackluster - Live at Oblivion [kahvi264]
Its time for the first release of 2009 - after the superb Solar Fields ep, we've got a Kahvi regular. Lackluster is a familiar name to many Kahvi followers, and after the success of his live set at the Netaudio Festival London 2008 (a Lackluster set is something to experience live) I asked Esa if he could supply a recording of one of his sets, and here it is. Live at Oblivion (Helsinki) - 14-11-08 is a prime example of what makes Lackluster great in the live gig circuit...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 203
[audio]Attic Moth - Fractal Works [kahvi261]
Kahvi @ Christmas 2008: Continuing the Christmas releases for 2008 is a guest release with a difference - as the artist, Attic Moth, says in his bio, he uses "Algorithmic composition, serial, stochastic and aleatoric techniques" to create textured or "fractal works". Curious, interesting and different, Fractal Works has a winter feel, cold but warm to the touch and a gentle divergence from the usual Kahvi style...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 137
[audio]Workbench - Infinite Lives [kahvi260]
Kahvi @ Christmas 2008: The second of the Christmas lineup for this year is a familiar name to many - Workbench. A four track ep consisting of a selection of tracks from his new album "infinite lives", Workbench has surpassed himself, improving his previous style and production (as seen previously on Kahvi) and perfecting it in the process. Amiga fans may note the track names as being familar - Workbench has created "infinite lives" as a tribute to the good old days and also as a final gesture u...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 460
[audio]Moroza knozova - Valek Polkis [kahvi259]
Finally its here, the Christmas release schedule @ Kahvi 2008: The first release is by moscow native - moroza_knozova (including the _) the latest guest artist to his the Kahvi archives. this seven track ep, entitled Valek Polkis, is a ride through ambient/idm noway, Planet Boelex inspired coolness in seagulls and bees to the amazingly addictive leads but strangely entitled rtyjd2. The ep grows on you to such a point that you have to have just another fix of your favorite track...
Keywords: idm; kahvi
Downloads: 256
Malt tabulated sounds is a new guest artist to arrive on kahvi, this time the first artist coming from the island of Malta. I'm not sure whether living in this pleasant island inspires or influences his style but we have four tracks of blissful electronica. Melodic idm verging on breaks in falling in too deep, ambient aphex twin styled im dreaming of a dream and underground darkness in the form of shape decay...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 173
After the excitement of the netaudio festival we're going to slow down things a bit with a release from guest artist 'Weldroid'. 9 tracks of elektro inspired works - hints of alpha conspiracy in jack and the fairy, chilled out beats in carousel and my personal favourite hydrocarbon with its catchy beats and melody. a feeling of dark and metalic beats seems to occur throughout this release, cold and monochrome...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 209
[audio]Younnat - Radiovision [kahvi256]
Changing pace on Kahvi this time, a more chilled funky release from Ukrainian artist Younnat. With elements of Roykskopp and even 70's disco, this six track ep is a refreshing change in the huge, warm, analogue bubblebath of other releases previously featured within the collective. Always something refreshing, always something just a little bit unique, Younnat brings his own particular style to a cross over between funk and technology...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; funk
Downloads: 3,559
[audio]Meso - Island Versus City [kahvi255] - rubicante
This time around its a warm welcome back to meso. after his highly acclaimed release "tunga" back at #242, I asked him if he would like to release another ep on kahvi and here is the response. "Island versus city" is one of these eps that makes kahvi great - pure idm/electronica with a heavily inspired boards of canada vibe. this five tracker has got all the pre-requisites of a cool release - sentimental and nostalgic vibes (nuuk godthab), warm analogue (ymah), early 90s feeling (viper water), a...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 179
[audio]Curious Inversions - Whom [kahvi254] - rubicante
If you think this release has a familiar sound and feeling, you'd be right - Curious Inversions is the alter-ego of Introspective. After all his equipment was previously stolen from his studio, he's now got some new hardware and software and Whom is the result. An eight track ep containing some outstanding works, not so ambient as in his past life but certainly featuring some stronger themes (Antibiotic Resistance being one to mention)...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; ambient
Downloads: 700
[audio]Tom Bragl - Zerochoice [kahvi253] - rubicante
This time around its a warm welcome back to meso. after his highly acclaimed release "tunga" back at #242, I asked him if he would like to release another ep on kahvi and here is the response. "Island versus city" is one of these eps that makes kahvi great - pure idm/electronica with a heavily inspired boards of canada vibe. this five tracker has got all the pre-requisites of a cool release - sentimental and nostalgic vibes (nuuk godthab), warm analogue (ymah), early 90s feeling (viper water), a...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 281
[audio]Alkor - Small Suburban Heartbeats [kahvi252] - rubicante
Alkor returns with the last release before the annual Kahvi Summer Break. Slightly different in style from his previous release on Kahvi, Small Suburban Heartbeats is a multi-textured, epic, ambient trip into the unknown. With tracks like 'Finally falling..' building up the expectations and setting the scene for the rest of the ep, and the truly epic and curiously named `20701` being the track of choice, I think this release has something for those die hard ambient fans along with the melodic id...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 158
[audio]Aleksi Eeben - Perseverance [kahvi251] - rubicante
One of the most outlandish and experimental artists to feature on Kahvi returns with a small exerpt of his full length album 'Perserverance'. Aleksi is, as I probably said before, verging on the genius with his out of tune, apparently random melodies, but yet.. they actually work quite well. The tracks featured here are a small personally selected bunch of the more mellow and chilled tracks, still with the 'randomness', still with the completely original construction...
Keywords: kahvi; experimental
Downloads: 166
[audio]Mikael Fyrek - A Thousand Years and One [kahvi250] - rubicante
After previously releasing on Kahvi, Mikael Fyrek could be called 'a regular' - this ep, his fourth, is a classic example of the defining style of Mr Fyrek, good solid beats, a touch of elektro and a touch of Vangelis. An icey theme and perhaps even slightly disturbed state of mind can be seen from the track names, conveying intense emotions through music. A thoroughly enjoyable, intense, atmospheric and involving ep running at around thirty minutes 'A thousand years and one' is a great addition...
Keywords: kahvi; idm; instrumental
Downloads: 375
[audio]Craque - Material [kahvi249] - rubicante
Guest artist craque arrives on Kahvi Collective with a unique blend of textures and IDM elements. Five track 'Material' verges on the style of 'MigloJE'. Torus Europa sets the scene with its lush, drawn out passages of sound and textures and leads into the interesting 'strawberry jam', an atonal melody drawing on a paced bass line which makes a nice combination and the extraordinary 'organum' (my personal favourite of this release) with 'that' sample hook that fits so well with the rest of the t...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 141
[audio]Kenney Beltrey - Yako Emulator [kahvi248] - rubicante
#248: Kenny Beltrey / Yako Emulator M3U FMP3 Tracks : 2 Its been a long while since Kenny Beltrey last released on Kahvi, and its always a welcome change to hear some of his 'elektro-nu skool-techno-dance-idm-upbeat' works. and he doesn't disappoint with the oddly named 'yako emulator' - two tracks of his unmissable style with fast paced tracks, addictive melodies and almost-eurodance style. recommended track: spiritual technology...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 132
[audio]Coax - Aeons [kahvi247] - rubicante
Its been five months since we last heard from Coax, previous featured as part of the Christmas lineup with his classical piano 'christmas odyssey' and now he returns with an entirely electronic ep of 7 tracks. Diversity is the name around every corner: off beat epic tracks, melodic, addictive and surreal: Ambient ivnon to more break driven polaris, over to melodic lost city, addictive idm solipsism and finishing with aeons, the ep title track...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 286
[audio]reii - We Fade Away [kahvi246] - rubicante
Reii is the next guest artist to grace the new kahvi pages. Entirely different and slow paced to Tom Bragl in 245, Reii creates what could be said as a tribute to Autechre. Its got the glitches and the pure sine leads with no harsh edge, a good mixture when you listen to perhaps my favourite track on the release 'Two hours from home' which is a classically moody idm-boards-esque track. sentimental and designed to evoke the emotion...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 510 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Tom Bragl - What Tone am I? [kahvi245] - rubicante
Kahvi v3 is here, and what better way to celebrate this fact than to feature an 'epic' ep by guest artist Tom Bragl. Verging on the industrial and perhaps even slightly goa in places, What tone am I? is an addictive blend of electronic beans. enjoy this fine piece of work, and enjoy Kahvi v3! Recommended track: The other freedom
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 133
[audio]Crackle Creations - Eros [kahvi244] - rubicante
The last release before Kahvi v3 goes live, and this time we have (yet another) guest artist. In a similar style to the much popular 'Zilent Zpott' or 'Cardamar', Eros is fringing on the commercial side of the electronic music Kahvi releases. Easy listening, easy to get into, nice to work to, Crackle Creations have produced a very nice 6 track ep for your listening pleasure. Track of choice : 'Water Mist'...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 119
A new guest artist - Meso - arrives today with a nine track ep. A little more hardcore idm in places than previous kahvi releases, Meso brings out the colder and darker side of life in Eastern Europe with the arovane-esque 'around 492', a classy imitation of lackluster style in 'canadian 2', and my personal favorite for its curious composition 'jenapart6' (check out the percussion!). Brusque, exciting and interesting, 'Tunga' is an intriguing and well produced ep, a worthwhile addition to the ka...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 135
[audio]Jari Ylamaki - Somnium est imago Mortis [kahvi241]
A while ago (last summer to be exact) an ep appeared for a short while and then vanished equally as fast. due to complications with some of the tracks, the whole ep had to be pulled - and until now Jari Ylamaki's tracks have been in limbo waiting for release. Here's the result - eight tracks of pure ambience thanks to an inspired (and patient) artist! Theres certainly some elements of Vangelis in this ep with some Biosphere rolled in for good measure...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 404
[audio]Speak - Mindsplit [kahvi228]
Branching off in a completely different direction now @ Kahvi. Something entirely refreshing comes in the form of a six track ep from guest artist mindsplit. The ep is a dub oriented blast with elements of ethnic percussion, idm and electronica and reggae beats. Slow paced but interesting and diverse, Mindsplit sets the mood for the kahvi 'christmas release week' which will be happening from 17th to 21st december...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 203
[audio]Abyssal Plains - Pictures in Sound [kahvi240]
Kahvi is back on the pure IDM track with release #240. A very welcome return to Abyssal Plains with this piece of nine track perfection. Echo's of Planet Boelex begin the release in 'nautilus', the amazingly moving and haunting 'karimata straight' features a little later and 'the hidden people' is straight out of Boards of Canada. This is the kind of release that perfectly fits the Kahvi vibe, sentiments of electronica and this ep will certainly give you a buzz for weeks to come...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 571
[audio]Nova Violator - Gizikomori and other Fluffy Animals [kahvi239]
The second in Nova Viators' mammoth outings appears in the Kahvi lineup now - a sequal to rudi rudi with its patchwork of 'thoughts' in the form of small tracks, perfectly formed. in a similar vein, nova creates 21 tracks, or shorts, featuring ideas not yet featured in rudi rudi but, I might suggest, in the style of japanese anime (at least, thats what it reminds me of). Something for everybody in this extravaganza of looking into nova viators mind...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 478
[audio]Mind Split - Speak [kahvi228]
#228a-228f Speak / Mindsplit [stream] Branching off in a completely different direction now @ Kahvi. Something entirely refreshing comes in the form of a six track ep from guest artist mindsplit. The ep is a dub oriented blast with elements of ethnic percussion, idm and electronica and reggae beats. Slow paced but interesting and diverse, Mindsplit sets the mood for the kahvi 'christmas release week' which will be happening from 17th to 21st december...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 141
[audio]Evan Valentine and E-sin - Millions Never Tried[kahvi238]
A two for one guest release this time around, with Evan Valentine (kikapu) and e-sin (lifeform project) giving us a pure idm vibe. melodic, glitchy and quirky with a hint of reggae (seren) thrown in for good measure. tracks range from the disjointed everyone is out to get me to the purely sublime 'a good hard look' with its sampled guitar riffs throughout. a fitting inclusion to the collective. worthy mention: track 1: hopes for a quick and dreamy.
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 233
[audio]Alessandro Pintus - Make Space EP [kahvi237] - rubicante
We've got another guest artist entering the Kahvi ranks today - italian by name and italian by style, we're used to well dressed italians, presentation being everything and this is reflected in this well presented, polished and finished ep from alessandro pintus. analogue warmth with extremely subtle micro-melodies throughout, perhaps slightly autechre by design but 100% pintus by nature. interesting, thoughtful and chilled...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 203
[audio]Introspective - Black Mesa Winds[kahvi236] - rubicante
Introspective arrives for the very last time, at least as the man we known as Introspective. Look at this last, great album as goodbye to the old style and hello to the new. Black Mesa Winds is the culmination of many months hard work, pure ambience with a Tangerine Dream edge overall. Emotional and sentimental, this album is a tribute to Introspective and his studio equipment. Which is now missing due to some individual arriving in the early hours and wandering off with it...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 612
[audio]Brioskj - Pyramids [kahvi235]
Its a fine, cheerful welcome back to Mr Brioskj, our resident Italian artist. He creates some of the most fun and enjoyable tracks, no elements of darkness need apply. Just happy, easy listening and high power tracks of great quality and inspiration. This ep, inspired by the moods and senses of the east, features some truly excellent melodies - take the chorus in ghibli. Excellent and addictive!
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 263
[audio]Zainetica - Winter Comes [kahvi227]
Its been a fair old while since we had Zainetica featured on the Collective, mainly due to the fact that 'Winter Comes' is an ep that can only be released once a year and unfortunatley the release schedule didn't permit release in 2006 - so, finally, after a slight delay of one year (!) we have a suitably winter themed ep for this time of year. Mellow beats and grooves and some cool retro ambience as the tracks melt into one another...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 247
[audio]Bioradio - PostMorten Winners [kahvi226]
A new guest artist arrives for release 226. Bioradio is an artist who likes to create complementary textures - ambient mixed with some electronica ingredients. Postmorten Winners is the culmination of this, repeating grooves in enter end to the extreme ambience of the huge pusto (running at twenty minutes for the single track!). High quality and professional, this ep lets you unwind from the likes of 'The Five Fish Fingers', another ep to sit back, relax, rewind and listen again...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 605
[audio]Bit24 - Stardust EP [kahvi234]
Its the first week of January so what better time for the first release of 2008. The releases this year will feature the usual quality and indulgence that you're used to, and what better way to start than with this 5 track ep by Canadian guest artist, Bit24. The ep has it all going for it - breakbeat, idm, electronic vibes and coolness, a hint of c64ism and elektro spice. An interesting and exciting introduction to 2008! Enjoy!
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 1,205
[audio]Brioskj - Basic Emotions [kahvi224] - rubicante
brioskj, living in Italy, has turned into a fairly prolific generator of great music lately. it doesn't seem a week goes by without some kind of preview of an up and coming ep or album arrives in my mailbox. this time, for your listening pleasure, we have a nicely rounded four track ep which proves brioskj has progressed in leaps and bounds in regard to production and general quality since his earlier releases...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 280 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Nova Violator - Rudi Rudi [kahvi223] - rubicante
many moons went by and all of a sudden an apparition appeared on the horizon - a reinvented 'luke the wizard' no less, this time around known as Nova Viator. A couple of huge releases suddenly arrived in the inbox. Rudi Rudi is the more unconventional of the two, with 17(!) tracks of uniqueness. I would say the best description of this release is a patchwork of 'shorts' - ranging from 40 seconds to 6 minutes long, all painting one bigger picture...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 224
[audio]ScannTec - The man who lives offline [kahvi222] - rubicante
an old friend returns to the fold - one of the kahvi success stories. scann-tec, recently added to the ultimae artist roster - has kindly given kahvi a selection of some of his previously unreleased works from over the years. all tracks are recorded between 1999 and 2004 and remastered in 2007. A whole variety of tracks are within, chilled and lounge to ambient and electronic. Something for everybody you might say, this small ep could be classed as a record of the crossover from scann-tecs exper...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 306
[audio]Vostek - Clearance Instation [kahvi220] - rubicante
Some guest artist works appear this time on Kahvi Collective. Vostek was found lurking in a corner of myspace - three tracks of the kind-of-curious (air dynamics) to the sheer genius (flight of the flicker). The tracks have all the twists and turns to keep the listener involved but the extra polish and sparkle make the tracks shine. An excellent taster from Vostek, lets hope we hear more in the future.
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 213
[audio]Mikael Fyrek- In riots of color they spin [kahvi221] - rubicante
a welcome return to one of the collectives most popular artists. after a refreshing break, mr mikael fyrek returns with a four track ep of super works, all revolving around the theme of color. noticably alike to a certain internationally renowned film composer (Bladerunner?), the tracks are a great easy listening experience, not only for those die hard IDM fans but also for those who enjoy some music to relax to in a dark room with the rain falling outside...
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 738 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Alexey V - Dreamology [kahvi219] - rubicante
After Planet Boelexs' sublime chilled idm, we now change the pace and hit the ambient edge. Alexey V is continually changing his style and this ep is a good example of the versatility of this Russian artist. Dreamology is a purely ambient selection, layer upon layer of atmospheric sounds with the usual Alexey V edge. Time to average the volume, lean back and float away to thirty minutes of pure delight.
Keywords: kahvi; idm
Downloads: 363
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